Friday, February 7, 2014

Today's CTO Breakfast

  • Trent Larson mentioned tool for P2P sharing family histories (
  • Sano Inteiligence for a subdermal patch for monitoring the blood stream
  • True Crypt (vs Best Crypt), with hidden volumes
  • BTSync for P2P file distribution
  • "Scrypt" coin using GPUs vs Bitcoin (w/ SHA256)
  • Vivian at Gild & Provo Dojo last night about underappreciated Utah developers
  • SaltStack, which Wade prefers over Puppet
  • Intel Galileo, running Arduino but also Linux, $60 with power on Amazon, including Wifi connector
  • playing music on a dodecahedron, drawn on a ping-pong ball with an egg-bot, then icosahedron, and then she talked about a theramin
  • Espruino, an Arduino-like board using Javascript
  • NodeRed from Google for graphical design of a node program
  • Google's purchase of Nest
  • Scott mentioned using NFC to configure devices, and Kelly Flanagan is doing it
  • power requirements & parasitic power