Friday, May 20, 2011

Today's SLC Tech Breakfast

From today's SLC Tech Breakfast:

Staying secure with guns; Dan recommends for gun education

passwords and sharing
- SpiderOak (Makani doesn't recommend for UI)
- (password sharing)
- locking password file: KeePassX, OnePassword, LastPass

For security, Dan wants a hand-held retina-scanner (not a hand-held-retina scanner)

Quantum entanglement, Dan will look up whether a recent experiment that supposedly allowed faster-than-light communication

Sharing code from different languages
- one way is to use JVM-based languages that can be compile-time checked (Josh)
- in C# shop, wants to use Java tool (Flying Saucer) to convert documents, used, also see (Dan)
- make web-services the architectural organization (Josh)... that's how we organize in FLUX networking (Ryan)

Enterprise security: we share an encrypted DB (KeePassX), but if an employee leaves...?
The best solution is an OAuth-style, revokable auth

OAuth is recommended for phones, too... including web auth (Josh)

How good are your unit tests? (Dan)
- We have over 10% coverage with Sonar (Josh)
- Continuous build: Hudson, Cruise Control

How do we manage DB versioning? (Dan)
- custom system, which builds at any version (Makani)
- each DB change represented by create SQL and hopefully reverse SQL, table with version number in DB (Josh & Makani)
- potentially: make each change a non-breaking change with previous version, so code roll-back is easy, eg. rename is add followed by drop later (Makani)

"No fluff just stuff" conference downtown SLC (Josh)
Jsconf JavaScript conferences
Defrag conference in Denver (Trent)
Javascript libraries: Require, Promise interface, dojo for apps (Josh)