Friday, February 11, 2011

Today's SLC Tech Breakfast

 From today's SLC Tech Breakfast:

create a secure internal network, still open to neighbors:
- use two routers, a secure internal one behind an external open one
- open WRT or DDRT
- by default they're all bridged, which can be changed
- might be easier to do with multiple SSIDs

RiffTrax (funny running movie commentary) came up again... maybe we should create our own

parselet, a PEG (vs LALR, etc) parser your own shopping cart with items from other sites with a rich API, with this (beta) that's 100% client-side javascript cart

Google create specifications for searching/indexing rich AJAX web-pages
(Update: I just noticed a storm of complaints about the hash-bangs, eg. Tim Bray.)

HtmlUnit: java testing for web-pages

search engines for the large invisible web (eg. where structured data may take a few steps to access) (which Josh mentioned but I had to leave... can anyone summarize in the comments)