Thursday, October 30, 2008

integration tests with Wicket and Spring

I had a bear of a time getting my Wicket tests to work with services injected by Spring.

I started with the helpful Wicket-Spring unit-test instructions here; this got me through a basic test. Unfortunately, I must use Spring-managed services from my main AuthenticatedWebSession class since I'm using the standard Wicket "Auth-Roles" security (simply, without Acegi); Wicket has a helpful way to tie with Spring when it comes to the WebPage classes, but this doesn't work for the things I'm using in the main WebApplication or WebSession classes.

I found another project that uses Spring's test class AbstractTransactionalDataSourceSpringContextTests as it's parent class, and this proved to be my salvation. Basically, I extend that class and add the following 2 methods:

protected ConfigurableApplicationContext createApplicationContext(String[] locations) {
context.setServletContext(new org.springframework.mock.web.MockServletContext());
return context;

protected String[] getConfigLocations() {
return new String[]{"context/backoffice-webapp.xml"};

Then I have to override the "onSetUpBeforeTransaction" method instead of the traditional JUnit "setUp" method:

protected void onSetUpBeforeTransaction() throws Exception {


AuthenticatedWebApplication authenticatedWebApp = new WicketApplication() {
public void init() {
addComponentInstantiationListener(new SpringComponentInjector(this, TestHomePage.this.applicationContext));
initForAppAndTests(); // this is where I set up my global services, called by WicketApplication.init() as well
tester = new WicketTester(authenticatedWebApp);

That made it all work.

BTW, although I'm using Spring 2.5.5, the latest spring-mock library is only 2.0.8.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Google GData APIs

This is just so I can find the Java API for Google GData. (Go ahead: try googling "gdata api" and see if you can find it that way. I dare you.)

Note that it's linked from the "Client Libraries" page.

Update: you can find it easily in a Google search on: "gdata javadoc"

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Wicket i18n and l10n

I'm playing with text properties in Wicket, and I found this good article on it (up to and including v1.4) by Erik van Oosten. You can see more technical details in Wicket's basic references on i18n and l10n.

What I'd really like is the ability to refer to other properties within a text property, but it doesn't appear to have that. I even tried to put it in, but it assumes you have an object with that name laying around, or at least an accessor ("get...") method with that name (up to the first ".") somewhere in your component hierarchy, so I cannot figure out how to hack that in. Yet.