Tuesday, February 26, 2008

marking up the web

The article Five Ways to Mark Up the Web explains 5 services to mark up content on other web pages. A few look like they can be read without plugins or downloads (which is important for readers; I can do a plugin to create content, but I want everyone to read them):

- Diigo - searching my own bookmarks is great; search fails on group content...?

- Fleck - I cannot find any public search utility

- TrailFire - I couldn't download in my Linux FireFox ('cause tried to save the PHP files); plus it gave blank pages when I tried to look at some of the existing content

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

"cloning an iPod without software"

I got this from elsewhere.


I discovered by accident an easy and stupid way to not only clone an
entire iPod but also to recover the songs from it to your library in
case you HD goes missing in action or even if you get a new computer.

There are software out there costing $20 that do it for you, but I
discovered it is not needed if you do it like follows.

Here's the simple steps to it:

- Close iTunes
- And mount your iPod on Windows (works on Linux too) as if it was a
storage USB drive.
- Use windows Explorer and make sure you are displaying hidden files.
- Go to iPodControl directoy and copy the music folder to your HD. iPod
has a funky way to organize the songs into weird folder and weird names.
Don't worry we will fix it.
- Now go to you iTunes and set Automatically Organize songs on its
settings page.
- Click on Add/Import folder and point it to where you copied the songs
in your hard drive. This will copy the whole thing to your library
keeping the song titles, album information etc.

Ah, yes. In case you have 2 iPods with 2 different names, just create
another user account on your Windows machine so that you can have
different iTunes settings on the same computer.

There you go, all copied!!!

This is a nice way to backup your own music library to more than one
computer as well as copying to a second iPod in case you decide to get
one with bigger capacity.

If you happen to buy music online, it is a good way to back it up too in
case your iPod HD goes bad.

Also, if you want to update your iPod OS make sure you do this first
because you can risk loosing its content by updating its software.

Monday, February 4, 2008

automated emails for specific SVN commits

I have two scripts that I plug in to SVN to notify me when changes are made to certain files. The first script should be referenced in the SVN repository's "hooks/post-commit" file, and it will call the second.

svn-diff-hist1.sh and svn-diff-hist2.sh

svn-log-diff1.sh {REPO} {REV} {FILE_SUBSTR_REGEXP} {EMAIL}

For example:
svn-log-diff1.sh $1 $2 "trunk.*greenzone" trent.larson@icentris.com
... will email me whenever any file is checked in that has "trunk" followed by "greenzone" in it's path.

svn-diff-hist.sh: searching back through SVN changes

This script walks backward through the SVN commits and shows the changes that happened for each revision. The output comes in 3 sections (separated by a line of '#' symbols):
- all the logged comments
- each change diff
- the entire file when it was first committed

svn-diff-hist.sh {FILE} [{EARLIEST-REVISION}]

By default, it walks all the way back to the first version where it was checked in.